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Family Law

Family Law: Finding Your New Normal

Family law litigation has exploded over the last several decades as more and more couples are choosing to separate and divorce from each other.  How your divorce or separation unfolds largely depends on the decisions you make at the outset and will continue as new issues arise after your divorce is final.


At Gruman Law Office we understand that a resolution should not be financially devastating, nor should legal actions be taken that do not advance your overall goals.  A divorce and separation can be completed very cost effectively provided that both parties know and understand the law, are reasonable and have proper legal advice to help them reach a settlement.

Our Process

Whenever we take on a family file on behalf of a client, our process begins with tailored straightforward advice in the form of a consult.  You may have questions about how child support should be calculated given the loss of a job or in a reduction in your hours, you may want a change in parenting terms previously agreed to, or maybe you are just separating from your partner and are unsure of how it all works from division of property and spousal support to parenting and child support. 


Family at a Beach

Our consultation process provides very tailored advice that focuses on the questions you have and initial answers that you need, so that you can make the best decision for you and your family on how best to move forward.  Our consult process is not a “meet and greet”, nor is it a chance to “sell you” on an illusionary outcome where you get everything, your partner or spouse’s concerns are tossed aside and where this one sided resolution is suggested as being achievable all at a very negligible cost as such a resolution does not exist.


Instead, we believe that initial solid, practical and tailored advice can save client’s thousands of dollars in conflict that is not in their best interests and is unnecessary if they are provided with a road map upfront on how to move forward.


A consultation can be booked for a minimum of 1 hour as this is the minimum amount of time that we need to be able to provide you with the advice promised.  After the consultation you will be empowered to choose a process and resolution that is right for you.

Our Family Law Services

Agreements and Consent Divorces

Many separating couples have the common goal of maximizing their collective net worth despite getting a divorce or separating from each other.  They are able to come to an agreement as to how parenting will work and are aware of when spousal support is required and can agree on a reasonable term for support.  In some cases, after a consultation with their individual lawyers, they are able to reach an agreement on all substantial terms.


In these cases we are able to offer Separation Agreement and Consent Divorces on a flat fee basis as follows:

Separation Agreement

without children:                                                 $1,799.00​

Separation Agreement

with children:                                                      $2,199.00

Consent or Uncontested

Divorces without children:                                 $1,499.00

Consent or Uncontested

Divorces with children:                                       $1,999.00

The above costs do not include GST, disbursements, or initial consult costs.

Conflict and Contested Matters

Some separating and divorcing couples are unfortunately unable to agree on anything.  This sometimes can include even a refusal to provide required financial disclosure.  If this is your situation, we are also able to provide our services at a competitive hourly rate basis where our clients have often remarked, that they are significantly lower than comparable firms and years of experience.


When parties are unable to agree there are a lot of options available to reach a result, including negotiations in various forms including 4 way settlement meetings, 3rd party mediations or having a decision made for you in the form of an arbitration or taking your matter to Court.  Our commitment to you is to provide you with the best information available on the advantages and disadvantages of each, advising you on the law and advocating for you in whatever form you select. 

Cohabitation and Pre-nuptual Agreements

We have also drafted and reviewed thousands of Cohabitation and Pre-Nuptial Agreements and are pleased to offer these services at a fee between $1,799.00 and $2,499.00 depending on the complexity. 

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