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Wills & Estate Planning

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Our Process

At Gruman Law Office, we offer an "all in" service that allows you to have prepared a standard package that allows you to have your will, enduring power of attorney, and personal directive completed by one of our lawyers at an affordable all in price. This package includes an initial meeting to listen to your instructions and to offer advice in terms of common questions and common clauses. It includes drafting a will, enduring power of attorney, and personal directive using the most up to date precedents and adjusting our precedents to meet your specific instructions and needs. Finally, the process concludes with a meeting to review and sign each document, ensuring that the documents match your initial instructions. Our standard pricing is as follows:

For most of us, including all of our Lawyers and staff, our standard wills and estates package is the perfect fit. It includes a Will that appoints an executor and an alternate executor, it names guardians for your minor children, it sets up a minors trust for staggered payments to your children as they grow up, it can include monthly maintenance payments from your estate to the guardians to support your children, it provides a primary distribution of your estate, and alternate distribution of your estate, and a disaster clause. The package also includes an power of attorney and personal directive which appoints a person to act in relation to your finances and to make personal and medical decisions on your behalf if you are unable or incapacitated in the future.


In some cases, our Wills Package will not be the right fit for your needs. This may include a situation where your net worth is over five million dollars, where you wish to create complicated trusts, where your gifts or beneficiaries are unusual, where your estate may have significant tax issues, or where there are significant capacity issues and a dramatic change to an earlier Will is being sought. These circumstances require a much more detailed process to ensure your wishes are followed. Please contact our office today to discuss how our lawyers can assist you. 

Our Pricing

                                                                   Single Person            Couple

Estate Package (Will, Power of                $650.00                  $950.00

Attorney, and Personal Directive)

Will Only                                                     $550.00                  $850.00


Power of Attorney and                              $380.00                  $450.00

Personal Directive 

Codicil                                                        $300.00                   $400.00


* these prices do not include GST


** Couple Pricing is for documents which are a mirror image of each other         

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