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Our Approach to Litigation

Whether you are suing or being sued, most people do not choose to be involved in the Justice system. What you can control is the lawyer who will be your advocate during this process and how that lawyer approaches the litigation.

We recognize that lawsuits are expensive - both financially and emotionally. That is why, where possible, we recommend trying to first  resolve any conflict without bringing the matter to Court. However, where this is not possible, the Lawyers at Gruman Law Office are well versed in a broad range of litigation - particularly in areas which affect the lives of everyday Calgarians. As a general practice, our lawyers will have acted on the very issues which often result in litigation - from failed real estate deals or commercial contracts to estate disputes and trust issues - you can be confident that Lawyers at Gruman Law Office have a  strong foundation of practical knowledge to assist during Courtroom fights. 


Most importantly, the Lawyers of Gruman Law Office are committed to a litigation approach which places the greatest amount of control and knowledge in your hands. We strongly believe that our clients are best served if they are informed, and we will work to ensure that you are equipped with knowledge of the law and the legal process. With this information, you as a client will be able to make decisions which best move matters forward toward your desired outcome. 

Our Rates

We are proud to offer rates which offer value for the services provided by our experienced lawyers. Our hourly rates range depending on the experience of the Lawyer retained. 

We also encourage our clients to compare our rates with other similar law firms and are confident that our rates and your experience with us will  compare favorably. 

Areas of Expertise

  • Personal Injury and Motor Vehicle Accident Claims; 

  • Professional Negligence Claims against Doctors, Lawyers, and other third party professionals; 

  • Construction and Builder's Lien Matters;

  • Real Estate Conveyancing and Transactional Claims; 

  • Fraud and other breach of trust claims; 

  • Occupier's Liability and Negligence claims; 

  • Divorce, Custody, Property, and other Family claims;

  • Wills, Estates, and Trust Litigation; 

  • Corporate and Commercial Litigation;

  • Breach of Contracts;

  • Foreclosure and Land Claims; 

  • Debt Collection; and

  • Employment Law and Wrongful Dismissal Claims

Client Experiences

"I agree with all reviews. Jordan is amazing lawyer. He is very patient, straight to the point and he helped me out on few cases. I am glad I had the opportunity to work with Jordan for the past 2 years on my case and found his team very helpful during a difficult time. I would highly recommend Jordan Gruman. I was treated with respect and I had great confidence in him when he listened to my questions and concerns. I can not thank you enough to have so much patience to deal with my difficult case"

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