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Real Estate

"We are here to make your closing stress free and are happy to answer any questions you may have even before we are hired. Contact our team today at 403-284-4614 or"

Our Pricing

At Gruman Law Office, we have closed thousands of real estate transactions in Calgary, Canmore, and surrounding area over our 30 years in business. As a result, our team knows how ensure a smooth closing and our lawyers have the experience to deal with the unexpected. 


In trusting your transaction to Gruman Law Office, you can be confident that the price you are quoted is the price that you will pay with no hidden fees. Below you will find our standard fee pricing as well as the estimated total cost including GST and disbursements for an average home purchase in Alberta. 

             Purchase and Mortgage         Sale                            Refinance

Fee:     $900.00*                                  $850.00*                   $750.00* 

Total:   $1,500.00                                 $1,000.00                  $1100.00   

*The all in price above does not include GST.

***If you require title to the property to be changed (commonly known as a transfer of title) we charge $500.00 plus disbursements to register the title change.  The disbursements to register title depends on the value of the property and land titles charges $50.00 plus $2.00 per $5,000.00 in value.  Please contact our office for an exact quote. If a transfer of title is completed as part of a refinance, an added cost of $150.00 will be added to the above refinance fee.

Added Benefits

  • No additional charges for off site meetings within the City of Calgary if reasonably required

  • No additional charge for negotiations with other lawyer up to an additional hour

Our Process

Once you have entered into a real estate contract,  our role is to work with your bank, mortgage broker, and realtor to ensure your closing goes as expected, on time, and with as little stress as possible. 


In practice, this means communicating with your bank, broker, realtor and you to ensure all steps are taken in advance of closing. Behind the scenes, we will be reviewing the title and property taxes, obtaining bank instructions and preparing documents, and updating you on the work being completed by our office leading up to the closing day.

At Gruman Law Office, our lawyers and real estate team are always available by phone or email to answer any questions that you, your broker, or your realtor may have. Prior to the closing day, and usually a week before closing, you will meet with one of our lawyers who will explain the closing process, review with you all of the important documents, and answer all of your questions. 

While every real estate deal is cooperative in nature (its actually part of the standard real estate contract) we also have the experience to navigate standard and non standard disputes ranging from a broken dishwasher to a hoarder that leaves a packed house on possession, and our lawyers will always personally deal with these issues on your behalf.

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